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Monday, February 27, 2006

Sock Tales

Well, I finished JWo's Valentine's Day socks - out of Trekking, and they're just so be-yooo-tiful, if I do say so myself! (It's all in the yarn!)
Here's a snap from when I started, and then some finished shots. Because I knit two socks at the same time (one from the inside of the ball, and one from the outside), they ended up being kind of mirror-opposites to each other. I love 'em! And so does he. I did a 1x1 rib at the top, then switched to a Garter Rib (K2,P2 for one round, K second round, repeat) & I was really happy with how that looked. For the most part, followed the pattern from Sensational Socks, though I think it told me to do my gussets on the bottom of the foot - another mistake, I'm guessing, the book has a LOT of errata - so I'm mainly using the book for stitch patterns & cast-on numbers & doing my own thing for heel & toe shaping in the future.

Another view of the cast on

Trekking Socks for James

What's in the future? Well, I've already got another pair in the works, with the Socks That Rock yarn we bought when Kristin needed some positive karma during her house-buying adventure. This skein is the Queen Rock colorway, and again, the yarns were just SO much more impressive in person than on the computer. I'm doing a yarn-over cable pattern (again from Sensational Socks) and it looks really cute! I started out doing the Laburnum stitch & that was too lacy for my taste.)

Socks that Rock
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