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Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Swimming in Molasses

Have you seen the movie Clockwatchers? Well, that is my life today (and yesterday). We experience these days every so often, where the daily flow (usually flood) suddenly retreats, and you're left with this wobbly feeling in your legs because you're standing on dry ground again & trying to get your bearings. More than one day of this dearth of activity, though, and I'm ready to pry my eyes out with rusty ice picks.

Oh, sure, I have crap I could do. It's all the little higgledy-piggledy stuff, though, that stands between me and Absolutely Nothing To Do, so instead, I fluffernutter around and stare at my computer screen while working on a document about Department Procedures and Processes With Which We Will Conquer The World. Riveting stuff, let me tell you. Everything takes on slow-motion characteristics. Walking up steps, I imagine I look like the bionic woman Wooowooowooooh woooohwooowooooh streams of light ricocheting off my arms because I'm going sooooooo sloooooowly. Part of me is jumping up and down inside my brain, listing off the 10,000 I "would" be doing if I were at home. Truth be told, I'd probably be asleep. Doing nothing can really wear you out!
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