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Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Rewards of Teaching

A few weekends ago, I went to Lawrence to hang out with my friend Ashley. We used to work together at the "old" place, and both went through some major learning periods while we were there, as we each re-evaluated our priorities and lives. I treasure so many things about her, and one thing we share is a love of dogs. Yes, I will give you pictures of her dogs, in a minute! Her dogs are all so different -Crimson, the wirefox terrier, always busy, always making sure everyone's staying in line; Bear, the lab mix, who simply wants to be loved & has some of the dopiest looks in his repertoire, they make you laugh uncontrollably; and last, but not least, there's Robin, who is half the size of a small pony. She's mostly Great Dane, has a gorgeous brindle, and thinks she's a lap dog.

Dogs in a minute. As we were shopping & walking up and down Mass Ave, Ashley suddenly asked me if I would teach her to knit. Now, I had already stated I wasn't going to the Yarn Barn, because I didn't need to buy anymore yarn. But if someone wants to learn to knit? How could I refuse?!?! Plus, it had only been like, 6+ years of me trying to get her to put down the crochet hook & try knitting. So into the Land of Temptation we went..... she got a skein each of some gorgeous turquoise & lime green Brown Sheep bulky, and nice Brittany hardwood needles. Uh, yeah, and I got a few things, too. (Trekking yarn, for JWo's socks, featured on Monday; couple skeins of baby brushed alpaca, and a gadgets - a bright green kacha! you hang around your neck for row counting. I love me the gadgets.)

We went back to her house, and despite Robin's obvious interest in also learning to knit, got Ashley started on her first project, a scarf. She has told me several times since that she loves knitting, enjoys it more than crochet, and then - music to my ears - she finds herself wanting more time to knit. ("Dang! I have to grade these papers? But I want to knit!" ....words of a true knitter!)

Yessssss...... I am this [] much closer to getting that toaster oven in the Knitters' Recruitment Program.... ;)

And, as promised, dogs :)



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