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Friday, March 03, 2006

"I" is for "Idiot" but "S" is for "Sweetie"!

So, yesterday, I ended my day once again in a hurried rush to get out of the office & my mind was elsewhere, thinking about work things & the fact I was going to eat my fingers one by one if I didn't get a snack shortly, and so I put my travel coffee mug in my large tote. Thinking, "It's empty, and it will stay upright anyway."

Yeah. Uh-huh! Let's try NOT empty, and not only that, it proceeded to pour coffee directly into my Palm Pilot case. Which is made of nylon, and trapped the coffee & gave my Palm a nice, caffeinated soak. All it does now is CLICK CLICK CLICK, plays a little start-up tune and shines a blank window. That's exceptionally handy for storing appointments, don't you think? Yeah, and I've tried hard-reset & plugging it in and all sorts of things. Basically, the lesson here is the Palm is not water-proof, and I'm glad I didn't buy anything above the basic model.

So, I was delighted to walk out to my car this morning & see a Lamar's donut bag on my windshield! DUDE! The Sweetie got donuts this morning & left me one as a surprise! Not just any ordinary donut, either. LAMAR'S, people. And it was a chocolate twist with German Chocolate icing! No wonder he wanted to make me a go-cup of coffee! Again! Hey, what was left to ruin in my purse? I'm going to wrangle a new cell phone today anyway, let's pour some coffee on that.....
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