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Wednesday, March 08, 2006

There Are Worse Things To Be Pelted With.....

Him: Did you ever get those cherry Hershey’s kisses?
Me: Yeah! I got them last week at Knit Night.
Him: (Mock Horror noise) And you didn’t SHARE them with me?
Me: I haven’t even opened the bag yet.
Him: You hoard things. You do this all the time. And then you never eat them. We have candy in the pantry from last year.
Me: Well, yes.
Him: And then you’re going to not eat these, and then they’re going to get all white and nasty.
Me: That’s exactly my plan. Because once they’re like that, I’m going to PELT you with them.

(We opened the bag last night. YUM! These are a special, limited edition Cherry Cordial Hershey Kisses, and they’re only at SAM’s club, to which we don’t belong. Thanks to Peg for buying them for us!)
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