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Friday, March 10, 2006

Happy Weekend....

Well, hellzbellz, I had a whole post this morning, that either Blogger or the Skinnernet at work ATE and I wasn't able to recover it. Sigh. But hey?! What do I care?! I took the afternoon off, which was nice. (hello! someone has a lotta vacation to burn!) Lunched with a girlfriend at a new spot, hung out with two more g-friends & did some sock knitting at a local coffeehouse, where I also discovered I can check my email on my new Palm Pilot; of course I seized that moment & celebrated being a huge geek, then I went to the grocery store & am now home, with time to spare before the "official" end of the workday. Whew!

We're having grilled venison steaks & shrimp on the bahr-by-Q for dinner, and life is good. I'm so glad the weekend is here..... how 'bout you?
posted by PlazaJen, 4:42 PM