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Monday, March 13, 2006

What, No F**kin' Internet?

So, I was planning a whole post about the baked ziti I made, and the Sopranos premiere, but I started my day in the stirrups, you know, that annual ritual we women get to go through, and then I had blood drawn, too, so this is one of those exceptional Mondays. Then, Miss Kristin calls me to tell me everything's down at work. The internet, the servers, everything, KABLOOEY. Nothing works, no programs, nuttin', so I shouldn't be rushin' in, because they were all sitting around waiting for miracles to happen. Okey dokey! I went to Target & Hobby Lobby, grabbed a bagel at Panera, and then came in around 10:30 - no change in connectivity. We had a rep lunch, and after I threatened to work a CostCo field trip in for the media department, something clicked & five minutes ago, access was restored. I felt like I was marooned! But now I have to bust a move & really get workin'. So I give you a couple photos of the food I spent a good chunk of yesterday creating:

Baked Ziti - recipe found here - it was delish, though I think making a double batch was a leetle overboard. It looked impressive as hell, though.
Baked Ziti

Then, I also made french bread from scratch. YUMMEH.

Mmmm. Fresh bread!

Now, I must frantically work. This has been one hell of a Monday, that's all I have to say!
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