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Saturday, March 11, 2006


So, I got my new Palm Pilot, it's great, I'm dazzled by all it can do; then last night my new phone showed up. I didn't go crazy with that one, just an upgrade as we renewed our contract, a simple little nokia camera flip phone, and now I feel like I'm suddenly cramming for some test trying to learn about both of my new gadgets and figure out what-all they can do before I'm given a pop-quiz on how to tune the radio on my cell phone, take a picture, and can I send it to my Palm Pilot? (the answer would be "sorta", if I were sitting in a wi-fi zone. The house isn't wi-fi. Yet.) Keep in mind, I'm doing all this while moving files & data on my home computer to the new external storage hub, since I *am* the home Network Administrator and my computer is getting bogged with pictures, and all this just results in the fact that I feel like a goddamn old-lady poser. Howdy, skateboarding youth! Look at me! I've got tech-no-logical tech-nology!

Yeah. I can play solitaire in THREE places now!

But I did get the phone camera goin':

The world is now just a little less safe with me careening around in it, clutching all my gadgets.....
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