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Sunday, March 19, 2006


I just parked my car in the garage.

DO YOU KNOW what a big deal it is? DO YOU? It has been :cough: 2 years since I could say that. What with imminent danger & winter warnings flying all over the place & doom & destruction that has YET to come true (all of this was starting last night) (which it didn't), I decided the last thing I needed on a Monday was to clean my windshield in the cold. So I shoved everything out of the way & parked LaFonda in her spot.

Now, my only other advice for you today is if you are watching Sleeper Cell on Showtime, (the first season is On Demand, so you can watch, like all 10 in a row?) You & me need to form a support group where one person gets to sleep, and the other one stays on red alert. That show is freakin' me out.

And here's one of my self-portraits from Friday night, you know, where I didn't realize everyone was laughing at me, because they thought I was alone? AND I WASN'T, JWo was right there. Dammit. Laugh away!

Self-Portrait #4
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