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Saturday, March 18, 2006

Jen Loves Gin

Yes I do
Gin Gin Gin
How 'bout you?

So much Gin
In In In
Jen Jen Jen
Shout: Woo Hoo!

OK, so maybe I am destined to write cheers. However my cheers aren't exactly youth- or sports-friendly. But if my friends at Tanqueray ever need a freelance cheer writer, I'm their gal! I don't regularly/normally whoop it up & over-imbibe, but after the past week's work & stress & swearing & shouting, it just really felt OK, and there was an abundance of limes. I love limes. JWo, the designated driver & corned-beef-cooker-extraordinaire was astounded I didn't have a headache this morning; that's because I am MAGIC. (And, it doesn't take as much to get me dancing, singing, and whooping it up. For I am a cheap drunk, people, even with top-shelf stuff.) I have re-hydrated my body (gin + corned beef = organs turn into salt licks) & am about set to go out & do a li'l shopping, and then later on this weekend, there will be photographic evidence of all the whoopin'.

Not sure if I will be posting the series of self-portraits I took, when I was in the living room & it appeared to the people in the dining room I was by myself. Making sweet love to the camera. After one corner of my eye actually focused on them (one of the girls POINTING at me while giggling was a huge clue), I kept yelling, "I HAVE AN AUDIENCE" while gesturing wildly at JWo, who was sitting in a chair out of their line of sight, and all he did? was LAUGH LAUGH LAUGH at his gin-besotten wife. He is the lime in my gin & tonic. :)
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