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Tuesday, March 21, 2006

True Confessional Tuesday

OK. Put down whatever you're drinking. Your keyboard will thank me.

For, I am about to confess something. When I was a young girl? All I wanted to do was wear a bonnet. A BONNET. I was reminded of this when I said aloud at work yesterday, "I feel like I'm starring in a crime drama right now" and Kristin replied with, "I feel like I'm starring in Little House on the Prairie!" To which I gleefully shouted, "Do we get to wear bonnets????"

For I wanted nothing more than to go through life as a living, breathing Holly Hobby doll. Bonnetted and aproned. Calico print was my best friend. Some strange fascination with pioneer living infused me in those 8-10 year-old years, though I think we all know I'd start screaming and kicking five minutes into the life. (Especially now. Pioneers do not have the DVR technology. Nor, I believe, the internet.) I think my Mom even caved at an art fair & bought us matching bonnets, and she wore hers all of one minute in the van (the big blue van with only one side window & the director's chair I rode around in, digging my feet into the floor for balance...that van). I wore mine much longer, though it did piss me off with how much it impeded my ability TO SEE AROUND ME. I'm not sure when the whole Laura Ingalls Wilder phase finally passed, but my heart still patters & skips a beat for a tiny calico print....

Bitchin' in a Bonnet. That'd be me.
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