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Thursday, March 30, 2006

Brain Putty

If someone thinks I'm smart, and lets me know it? In non-overt, cloying ways, of course, then I am veritable putty in their hands. Vanity, thy name is Jennifer. Preen, preen!

I was heading out the door to a client meeting this morning, and a different client was in the conference room. He stopped the meeting, waved me in, just to say hello & introduce me to his business partner. I can only attribute it to the fact I've been in a couple meetings with him, had some crazy unique ideas, combined with the fact I understand his business & consumer, and he sees all that & values what I think. Those moments for me are identical to the feeling when I'd actually connect with the softball, launching it over the heads of all those idiots who saw "fat girl" at the plate & moved in real close for the "easy out".

Like a fucking cockatoo. Puffed up and proud. That's Me! Preening aside, I'm having a good day. Despite Sephora not opening today.
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