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Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Suzy's Spa Services

Monday was a lovely day, with the whole facial-massage-mani-pedi treatment at a local day spa. I realized over the weekend that even though I do my share of lying around & knitting, watching TV, and now, playing PS2, I maintain a constant internal hum of stress. Forcing myself to relax was challenging, and of course, a good thing. (I kept trying to see what time it was, though. They keep the clocks out of view on purpose!) And, as soon as I got in the car, I called work just to make sure nothing was burning down. It wasn’t.

So last night, JWo & I each had some popcorn, and we were sitting opposite each other in the living room. He had spilled some early-on, and the dogs were anxiously awaiting a second spillage. He stopped eating his & I gave each dog a few kernels of mine. That made Suzy fixate on me like a cat watching a winged bird in the yard. James started zinging kernels of popcorn at her & Polly, and Suzy KEPT STARING AT ME. Polly was skittering all over the place, snarfing up the popcorn, while Suzy just stared at me, waiting. It became the funniest game EVER. I’d hold up popcorn like I was going to throw it, and there’s my Suzy, staring, eyes big & dark, ears up, and James is pinging her on the head with a kernel coming in from offsides. She was SO CONFUSED. (She did get some, of course, but it just never seemed to come from my hand.) It took 10 minutes for her to finally figure out the popcorn was NOT coming from me, and we finally had to stop because our sides hurt, we couldn’t see from the tears in our eyes, and we’d missed the entire beginning of “24”.

We thanked her later for being so funny. I’m trying to figure out how to turn her into a spa service & make a gajillion dollars off the therapeutic laughter she creates.
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