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Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Gimme a Whooo-Eeeee and a Golly Geee!

Boy, I've been a bit of a slacker on the blog. Work's just flippin' crazy. But it's fun, and how many people can say they spent the end of the day barking like a dog, only to have your front desk manager wave wildly at you because you (didn't realize you) have clients in the conference room?

Not many, I bet.
(Dammit! I was telling a story. I get swept up in the drama and the moment, and I was illustrating how our big boss' dog will come in to your office and bark at you at inopportune times, like when you're on the phone. That happened to me! And it was funny! So, I threw in the loud barking to illustrate the situation. WHUPS.)

Tomorrow, my highlight will be lunch, which used to be my only highlight at my last job. I never thought that was really a good sign, y'know? When the only thing you have to look forward to is..... lunch? Not good. Anyhoo, we are finally getting a Sephora in Kansas City (and by gum, a Crate & Barrel is going in out south, too, I will be taking the whole day off for that). Now, I just went online to confirm the date I was told, and there's no hard & fast information confirming that tomorrow is, indeed the date they're opening. PANIC at the DISCO, I must pause to do some research.

OH mah god. It doesn't open until April 7th. I called the mall. I nearly barked at them. I don't think they would have understood. And I'd hate to get blacklisted before the grand opening... heh. Banned for Barking! Well, then! Tomorrow: World Market for lunch! It's not the same, but it's closer. And I have a coupon.... and.... in that area of town? Barking? Not so odd, actually.
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