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Friday, March 31, 2006

Enough Already With The Sobbing!

So, I took a half-day of vacation today, and kicked it off right by doing the next best thing to a spa day: shopping at CostCo! I procured many things, some were essential (batteries, potatoes), others were not (mangos, smoked salmon I thought was really cheap but wasn't!) (I mean, technically, it's still a good deal, but I thought the price was per package, instead it was PER POUND. Whups!) And, after losing numerous eBay auction bids on a copy of Sims 2, I decided to go through every box of video games for PS2. Persistence pays! I finally found the game. And JWo & I have spent the entire evening playing it.

What an unbelievable step up from the computer version we have. (several years old, admittedly.) It also helps to have a biggish TV, too. All of the technical advances and high definition, however, only make it more frustrating when all I do is CRY ALL THE TIME. I swear, if I'm not sobbing, I'm peeing on the floor, and more often than that, tipping over from exhaustion and passing out anywhere, really, the street, the floor, the boardwalk, the bedroom. My Sim hits a point where she will not even do what I tell her, even if it's exactly what she needs, like "SLEEP". So I have to wait for her to pass out, get enough rest in that very uncomfortable position, and then try to get something done to make life better. It took almost an hour to recover from my almost-in-toto absence of all life necessities, and now I'm only lacking in socialization, and let me tell you, walking around weeping is not the fastest way to make friends. Timon actually hates me, and yet he was the only person I could find to talk to, so I'm trying to turn that situation around. JWo is doing just fine, by the way, and he's developing skills much faster because, well, he's not passed out on the floor with flies buzzing around his head for half the game.

Have I mentioned just how much this is all a little reminiscent of my sophomore year of college? Weeping, passing out, lacking focus.... everything but the flies....
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