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Wednesday, February 01, 2006

SOMEbody Wants To Start A Ruckus!

So the other night, after finishing dinner at our nearby Thai restaurant, James & I were joking around & he was being a cheeky monkey and I responded by feigning as though I was going to up-end the entire table over onto him.

Then I said, "Just once, wouldn't it be fun to do that? Just once?"

James thought it would be an excellent diet ploy, as it would prevent us from ever returning to our favorite restaurants.

I couldn't let the idea go, I kept pretending I was going to do it. It just seemed like such a FUN thing to do, and so dramatic, and something that only happens in movies, and never something ordinary people like us would just.... DO. Which makes it all the more tempting!

On the drive home, I brought up how we'd come a long way in the 6+ years, and while there isn't a magic recipe, or that conflict ever goes away, some things are just more "known" now, and we don't get worked up the way we did, say, when we were living in the apartment, buying the house, etc.

"We've mellowed, JWo," I said.

"Except for the part where you're turning over tables in restaurants."

"True, true."
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