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Sunday, January 22, 2006

Spam for Breakfast

I almost always straight-away delete my spam. Most people do. I used to get apoplectic with the number of requests to help the Nigerian Royalty get their multi-million dollar bank accounts out of Switzerland, but blessedly, I'm off their lists after the job change.

This morning, in my Bulk folder, I see something from Sherri Merino. Perhaps she is a sheep! But the subject line was priceless: "My Friend, You Are In Trouble."

I am? How did you know? My goodness! I wasn't even aware I was in trouble. Turns out, Sherri's got a line on a whole lot of licensed software at rock-bottom prices. How dare she bait and switch me like that. I thought she knew me. I thought she was my friend.

In a completely unrelated observation, big birthday wishes are shouted out today to Miss Kristin and my dad. Two very special people to me! May the next year be filled with happiness, good health, and joy....
posted by PlazaJen, 8:54 AM