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Saturday, January 14, 2006

Pee Mail & Other Disasters

Tonight, I was leaving to go pick up pizza, and I spied a lady with her dog, walking up alongside the big telephone pole by the street. Her dog stopped and began dutifully sniffing, at the place we've dubbed "Pee Mail", ala Survivor's "Tree Mail" communications. That is our dogs' favorite place to sniff in the yard, and I'm sure there are stories and visitors and all kinds of things we simply can't detect. Thankfully. I thought it was funny & I rolled down the window to tell her that was "THE" spot in the neighborhood. So, she came over to the car, and I met her dog, Noah, who's a bruiser of a chocolate lab, super friendly and then suddenly his owner, who I learned is from Argentina, explaining her heavy accent, is being dragged through our garden island - because a cat is running through our front yard & Noah is going to catch it! Holy crap. I put the car in park, and looked back just in time to see Noah's owner fly face-first off the rock wall towards the pavement and drop the leash, letting Noah tear off into the dark.

Since our dogs have pulled this number numerous times, I wasn't too worried, assuming Noah would come back shortly (as it dawned on him the cat would not be caught), and I could even hear him in the next yard, snuffling around. Noah's owner did not feel the same way, and started wailing and shrieking, and wringing her hands. Unbeknownst to me, OUR dogs were also tuned in to all this drama from inside the house, barking & whatnot, so JWo opened the door to see what was going on and then we had BURF BURF BURF First Line Against Terror Reporting For Duty, SIR! surging around us! But I think it was good they came out because it zipped Noah right back to us, to check out "the ladies".... he only knew them through their "correspondence"..... Then the lady from Argentina told us her employment history, her street address & a good portion of her life story, and might have given us a key to her house if I hadn't pointed out JWo wasn't wearing any shoes & was obviously a bit cold on the pavement....and she collected her dog & went off to finish walking him.

Yes, we have some seriously bizarre Saturday nights, even if we just stay home.
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