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Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Like the Von Trapps, But Not For Singing

We are in the throes of negotiating some buys for a potential new client. It is hilarious, to listen to each other. Some of my markets are northern - Sioux Falls, and Fargo - and I immediately revert to my old-school accent as soon as these people pick up the phone or call me. Oh, ya! You betcha! Oh, ok now. mMM Bye. (Did you know that Up North, 90% of the population ends their phone calls with "mmmMMBye"? Well, they do, and that is a statistic. I made it up, but I bet it's true.)

Kristin, on the other hand, gets up in the occasional grille of a stupid rep, and she just asked about getting into Smackdown, which immediately made me visualize her on the ropes. LEAPING.

And the Junior Buyer (aka, our boss?), he is a never-ending font of questions about the software and has "issues" with it. So yesterday, I told Kristin we'll be in a better place once the new person starts next week. Because the Junior Buyer is SLOWING US DOWN. Like the gazelle with the broken ankle.
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