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Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Life in the Queue....

We are a Netflix home. And we absolutely love it. In fact, JWo has mentioned several times in the past week how he doesn't understand why anyone would even GO to the video store anymore. And I chuckle, because the notion of someone who, say, has more money than Midas and say, owned a whole bunch of video stores that might constitute a dying industry, amuuuuuses me greatly and that's all I'm going to say 'bout that. I digress.

I think the notion of a shared Netflix account, one where you don't ever really discuss the movies you're picking, you each just pick them & add to the list, and then at times reshuffle the Queue Order to launch things to the top? This is worthy of a psychology student's thesis on marriage. I am the first to admit that our 90+ list of movies, patiently waiting to come & visit us, are dominated by my picks. (That's what happens when you decide you must see Nip/Tuck, all seasons, and The Office, all seasons, and oh, looky! They have all the Prime Suspects, too! Those are all like, 5 discs for a season.) The account is in JWo's name & email, so he's the one who gets the updates on "movie returned" & "incoming movie", and when I open the little red square envelopes, it's always a surprise, because I don't pay a whole lot of attention to the Queue. I pick and mess around every couple of weeks, but it's not on my daily radar. I realize I can add my own email, and have my own Queue and blah blah blah, but quite frankly, I enjoy the surprise of it all. And sometimes, there are unexpected surprises, like tonight, when I opened the first envelope and saw we had moved "Devo: Live In The Land Of The Rising Sun" to the top of our Queue. What the hell???? Granted, I rolled my eyes when I saw "The Dukes of Hazzard" in our Queue, but I hadn't even seen this one on the list. This was an "Add and Accellerate" selection. Like buying that box of teddy grahams because they're 2 for $5 and they're right there in front of you on the endcap and by god, that sounds like a GOOD IDEA and we're gonna buy that Cool Whip right there, too, and dunk 'em. Dunk 'em. Dunk 'em good.

I had no idea I'd married a Devo fan. He called from backgammon tonight, just to chat - and I asked him, what was up with that movie? Apparently? JWo is a HUGE fan of the Devo. And now, I'm going to have to hide all my good bundt pans before he decides he needs to wear them around the house AS HATS.
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