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Friday, December 23, 2005

Apparently, We Are Meant To Replace All Of Our Electronics. Now.

So yes, the big tv came into the home, along with a new surround system, the primary purpose for which was to stymie and madden me to the point I would become weak and a cold bug would sneak in. But nevermind that, it was an anticipated and planned purchase. Apparently, the microwave had some Grecian tragedy love affair with the old television, because on Sunday, we came home from James' family's Christmas, he tried to reheat some thai food, and KERPOW, the microwave was. no. more. Deader'n a Monty Python parrot.

We knew it was on the decline, as it would groan and struggle sometimes to heat things. It gave a last hurrah on some gravy a couple weeks ago, as I warned my friend Shelley, it might take a while because it's starting to die. Apparently the microwave heard me, because in less than a minute, the gravy was molten nuclear sludge, and the container was almost warped in half. Sorry! In any event, it did finally bite the dust, and since it had lasted 13 years, we nodded solemnly & went off the next night and bought a new one.

Now? Apparently the cordless phone carried some Shakespearean torch for the microwave & is preparing for its own swan song death. I knew it was also on the decline, because a month or so ago, it became very difficult to press the number "3" on the keypad. Since we don't use the home phone that much, it was only inconvenient when we'd call across the state line.... the prefix there being 91 :press press press BEEP: 3. Then, last night, it started emitting a harsh tonal honking in the middle of our conversation. So in a preemptive strike, I'm getting a new phone today, and saying a little hopeful prayer that we don't have to buy any more new electronics equipment in the next couple of months!

God only knows what random item in the house has pined longingly for the frickin' cordless phone & will also commit hari-kari once the new phone moves in......Yes, I'm lookin' at you, Mr. Sonicare Toothbrush.
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