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Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Marching Band Dog Paddle

When Suzy learned to swim, she inflated herself by filling her lungs with as much air as possible. You could squeeze her like an accordion & make her grunt-burp, and it was hilarious. Polly, on the other hand, did everything in her power to stay above the water by trying to walk on top of it. This meant she raised her head up high, and high-stepped with her paws, like a drum major or something. The drawback was that she created immense splashing, causing her to squint, but not inconveniencing her enough to get those paws below the water. She's gotten better, but it, too, was one of those priceless things to watch.

Right now, I'm marching-band-dog-paddling. We have a whole bunch of work, the holidays are almost upon us, vacation needs to be taken, relaxation needs to happen, and I'm completely aware I'm splashing myself in the face with my panic, but unable to stop.

Thing was, I was a terrier of some sort in a former life. Right now, I am maddened and frustrated by my electronics hook-up with the whole new tv setup. Everything was fine until we exchanged the DVD burner, and re-connecting the new one has knocked out everything but the cable. It's all there, somewhere, and there's a nagging suspicion I need better cables to improve the picture, and it's all this stuff that I barely know anything about but should be able to figure out because I'm smart, just not patient. But I get obsessed. And because I know there is a "right" solution, I can't let go of it. I spent an hour on the floor last night, trying various connections, reading each owners manual, and stopped short of taking all the wires in my mouth and shaking them viciously from side-to-side like the bad weasel they are.

That's when I realized I'm just a few high marching steps away from Holiday Breakdown, where you sit on the side of the road, torn paper and ribbon around you, cable wire between your teeth, a crazed and empty stare as you pray for it to all pass. Soon.
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