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Sunday, December 18, 2005

Jaw-Dropping Display

We went to the lake this weekend to celebrate Christmas with James' family. On the way there, we drove by a swarming field of snow geese (and took some pictures), and then a little bit later, we saw something almost indescribable. At first, I thought it was a retail business. Because nobody would have that many inflatable holiday decorations out, unless they were displayed for sale. Of course, we stopped & drove by that location as well - and discovered rapidly that this was no retail establishment, but 4 mobile homes situated near one another, and obviously had a close, co-ordinated relationship. There were easily 100 balooning figures dotting the landscape. I took a whole bunch of pictures, and yet, it still failed to capture the enormity of the scene. Short of renting a helicopter, I don't know how I could convey the huge open countryside, the surrealness of seeing ALL these blow-up holiday decorations, and the mobile homes & barking dogs & bizarreness of it all. I'd recommend seeing the whole photo assortment on my Flickr Account; I have a lot of editing to do with commentary & boxes, that I'll get to eventually. A select few pics for those who don't want to see the whole shebang:


Blue Barrels & Jesus


I'm not kidding when I say we both felt like we needed a stiff drink after we left the scene. It was.... something. And it sure makes my neighbors down the street look like small potatoes with their measley THREE blow-ups on the lawn. I can only imagine how commanding this panorama is at night....
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