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Sunday, December 11, 2005


Survivor Winner!

I'm just happy that the winner tonight was Danni, from Tonganoxie KS. It's a small town just past Bonner Springs, KS, which is where the big outdoor concert amphitheater is, so even though it doesn't sound like it, it's part of the Kansas City area. You know I always love gay Mormons, and I really liked Rafe, despite a couple of times I wanted to smack him, but I am glad Danni won - Stephenie just got too whiny & bossy and thought she was too in control of the game.

Now, if only the CHIEFS could have won, too.... we'd have had a great Sunday here in Cowtown. Instead, we have to keep hoping Denver trips up & we like, uh, win all the rest of our games. :cough: Keep hope alive!

This has been your final Survivor update, back to regular blogging (and Mondays! and driving! and knitting! and work!)
posted by PlazaJen, 9:59 PM