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Thursday, December 08, 2005

Short. Fat. Mighty.

I am just sayin'. Since the hubby drove me to work, I was car-less, so Kristin and I ventured out together for some lunch. We weren't in the car two minutes before it got stuck, because some dumb cluck hasn't cleared the parking lot yet.

Much attempting of the tire direction, the level of gas, and yet the car? Not going anywhere but backwards, and that is a finite venture as well, given the metal pipe fence. At one point, we had 'er in neutral & were both pushing, and that didn't work, either. Finally, I got behind that car and I bump-pushed. Repeatedly. And assisted in getting that sucker un-stuck. At this point, it is also the proudest moment of my day.

Do you know how much her car weighs? 3,563 pounds.


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