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Thursday, December 01, 2005

We Want Pre-Write! We Want Pre-Write!

Yeah, so I write some of my blogs ahead of time. Usually the night before, and because I'm on this free lame-ass blog publishing format, I have to come back in & actually publish on the day it is supposed to appear. In discussing my pre-writin' skeeelz, JWo responded with a Kanye-West-flavored shout out, "We want pre-write! We want pre-write!" because Gold Digger was on the MTV2. I've noticed as I get older, I have started to speak as the old people before me spoke, and I've started with putting the "The" in front of the Nouns. Excellent! Soon I will proclaim I wash my hands in the Zink.

So, here it is, a pre-write published the night before, because I'm going on a road-trip new business adventure with three co-workers (the lovely miss K included...we'll be the dynamic duo in the back, knitting.) I'm bringing my camera, because this should be entertaining. We begin at 7:15 a.m., so please, feel sorry for me in an outpouring of flowing sympathy. Welcome to Screwsville! Population Moi!

In any event, I wanted to post a shitton of finished knitting & the current WIP. Because every day, every day I knit the yarrrrrrrnnnnn.

Here's the finished result of my handpainted yarn, knit up in a fishtail lace pattern. I need to block the finished scarf, but it's very vintage-y feeling, the colors are softer in real life.

Closeup of Fishtail Lace

I dubbed this scarf the "Insane Clown Posse Scarf", because at the end, you have over 1,200 stitches on your needles. DO YOU KNOW HOW INSANE THAT IS? Certifiable. That's how insane. Oh, and a good refresher course in just how much I dislike the mohair.

Insane Clown Posse Scarf

This is the hat & muffler I knit for JWo to keep him warm on his hunting expeditions. It's a cammo color of Lorna's Laces worsted, and super soft.

James' Muffler & Hat

I liked the yarn so much, I'm making a Clapotis in the same yarn - but the colorway is "Icehouse". Tell me you aren't trying, right now, to remember what in the hell that band's big song was. Because it's been bugging me for 5 days. Kind of like having an itch just out of reach in the middle of your back. Just now? I have been Googling & searching, and yes, I can find album information, but no song snippet to finally jar ye olde memory out of slumber. ARGH.

Clapotis, Clapotis!

If you click on through to the Flickr site, you'll also see the finished hat, mittens & scarf sets I made for Roger's niece & nephew, and another picture of the fishtail lace.

So, the date says Thursday, but I'm sending this baby out early - just like I have to get UP early. Have I ever mentioned before how un-morning-person I am? The Jennifer, she likes to sleep in.

9:20 p.m. UPDATE: I am hot on the trail of an official Icehouse site. No promises (that was also one of their hits!), but the site is here.
9:26 p.m. UPDATE: FU*K! That had nuthin. This is totally why I pre-write! Sweet Cracker Sandwich, praise the VH1. No Promises was the big song. Very Ah-Ha sounding. God, 1986 was a long time ago. Back when we played the cassettes. ;)
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