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Wednesday, November 23, 2005

In Giving Thanks....

James & I were talking a few weeks ago about an appropriate blog for Thanksgiving, and all the things we're thankful for - and it became clear, quite quickly, that we are thankful for the internet.

Yes, that sounds kind of funny, and maybe a little geeky, and some might even raise an eyebrow & think "shallow". But hear me out.

~I met James via Yahoo! Personals, six & a half years ago.
~I found our house online, and knew when I saw the pictures, this was the house for us.
~James was alerted about a litter of pups, via an online message board, and a month later, we got Polly from that litter.
~Through my blog, I stayed sane (somewhat) in my previous job, and managed to make a bevvy of virtual friends, people I trust, people I laugh with each day.
~I got my current job because of, through an auto-mailer I'd set up looooong before, and through email, got my interview & am now splashing happily through the muck in my new position.
~James found his job online as well.
~My knitting group got started by two people talking online, and connections happened from there.
~I found our cleaning lady on, and you KNOW how thankful I am for her. :)

The internet has brought me a lot, in addition to the shopping and recipes and emails and information. While the argument still exists that you can lose yourself in the internet, and isolate yourself from reality, the fact remains that the internet made finding all these things that complete my life so much, well, simpler. More available. Accessible. I sit in a room looking at a glowing box, and all these things pour forth onto the screen. People write to me, laugh in my comments, and all those little strings equal connection. My life is filled with the successes of using the internet, my life is richer from this space here, and the people who visit me. I don't pretend to be something I'm not, I love being a goofball & the therapeutic benefits of laying it out there. And for the most part, people out there accept that. Some even appreciate it. Knowing these things, seeing what surrounds me, I feel grateful. And that is why I am thankful for the internet.

(When all else fails, end your entry like a fifth grade essay.)

Have a safe, happy & joyful holiday weekend.
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