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Monday, November 21, 2005

When The Aliens Return, You'll Know

Yes, I realize that the real Jennifer has been sucked up into the Mother Ship and has been replaced with a high-strung, whirling dervish of a person who is behaving with extreme OCD and productivity. I've already made two readers it wears me out, too - believe me.

I do not think it is a complete coincidence that this happened at the same time we hired a cleaning person. It's as though that burden, removed from my shoulders, suddenly left me springing up and down like a kangaroo on crack, pausing only long enough to refill my pipe. BOING BOING BOING! Actually, it could also be the gamma rays from my electric blanket, the only other change in the same timeframe.... hmmmm. Tin foil PJ's are going to be a bitch to find this time of year.

James, of course, has noticed this change. He likes it, because the house is staying clean, and uh, I, like, uprooted half his garden for compost in an unprecedented frenzy of outdoor-related work...while he was GONE. I fear he will not like it as much once I start wearing his whistle and throwing flags when he commits a House Foul Transgression. THERE ARE SHOES OUT OF PLACE, PENALTY IS DECLINED, IT'S A JENNIFER FIRST DOWN.

Now, if only I could get my butt on the treadmill with some regularity, I'd be ready for a marathon before the aliens get back & restore me to my nonproductive lifestyle. HAH! I only run if something's chasing me and I don't have my shotgun handy. But I am groovin' on the bouncing. BOING!
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