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Thursday, November 17, 2005

Not Even Sleep Can Keep Me Down

After spending the past 4 nights alone with my pillow theater arrangement (rolling from one side of the king-sized bed to the other throughout the night, thus guaranteeing cool pillows every time I wanted one), JWo was home! The Peaceful Wo! Mello-Wo! Right there, in bed, sound asleep! I had missed him. So, apparently, all night? I talked to him. In my sleep. I didn't just talk, I also LAUGHED in my sleep and talked about beaks. I remember him trying to get me to stop, saying something like, "Jennifer! You're talking in your sleep!" and I just LAUGHED and said, "I KNOW!" Oh, and we used our new electric blankets, and I want to sew a robe out of one & walk around with a big extension cord. Greatest! Things! Ever!

I am wound up and I love it! You just let me know if you wanna talk about beaks! I have lots to say!
posted by PlazaJen, 8:49 AM