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Monday, November 14, 2005

I'm King Of The Beans!

Tammy had a post about her betrothed, and how he went to the hospital & had to drink barium. BARIUM! Apparently it tasted like unfancy chalk milkshake, but in my romanticized, Curious-George-influenced mind, barium would be found on the shelf right between "Ambrosia" and "Elixir". (Which is filed next to "Ether", apparently Curious George got into that at one point, too, as I have a mousepad which proves it.) My parents got me the Curious George Goes to the Hospital book waaaay back in the day when it was looking like my tonsils & I would need to be parted, and quick. For the less-read set, Mr. George swallowed a piece of a puzzle, and he was a HIT on the children's ward. I, on the other hand, didn't see a single other patient when my tonsils came out, and let me tell you, despite the promises of Ice Cream All Day Long, having one's tonsils taken out is not exactly Fun Times and Party Pants. The surgical staff learned a little lesson that day, though - they didn't clean me up before they wheeled me out, and I apparently had blood on my face, and all down the sheet. My parents thought I was dead & reacted, you know, how a worried parent might. MUCH OF THE FREAKING OUT. My money says they started mopping up the blood & changing the sheet before wheeling you out after that. Me? I slept through the whole thing. Sort of sums up college, too.

Miss Kristin was the brains & dexterity behind the success in standing Curious George upright, with both puppets on his hands & as you can see, he is King of the Jelly Bellys. Kristin is Queen of the Sweaters, as you can see, she is wearing her finished Te Rosada in a loverly hand-dyed blend of greens & yellows.

I took these pictures while I was on the phone. My title is Queen of the Multi-Tasking!
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