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Thursday, November 10, 2005

Now I'm Swinging One Of Those Stick Thingies

You know, those big stick thingies that they swing around a lot in the Kung Fu type movies, Jackie Chan's used one, makes that excellent WHUH WHUH WHUH whipping sound through the air?

That is what this week has been. I feel like I'm wearing soft slipper shoes & I'm bouncing all around in the trees, whUH WHUH WHUH whacking shit and grabby hands while I travel across the entire landscape. And while I'm doing it without falling down, I'm getting a leeeetle tired of it. For whatever reason, I'm not allowed to smack people in the FACE with my stick thingy, and that's where I'd get some joy.

Someone toss me the numchuks! Unfortunately, with my hand-eye coordination (or lack thereof), I would end up spiking myself right in the face. Seriously. I can't even shoot a rubber band without hurting myself. It's a wonder I don't just trip & fall down, every single day.
posted by PlazaJen, 1:41 PM