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Wednesday, November 02, 2005

How To Set My Hair ON FIRE

1. Answer my "This is Jennifer" with "Hello, Jennifer, how are you?" when we've never spoken before & you haven't introduced yourself yet. Category 4: Singe.
2. Tell me you understand I handle the advertising for a CLIENT I DON'T REPRESENT. And then? ARGUE WITH ME about that fact, that you understood I DID. Category 7: We Have Flammage.
3. THEN? THEN? Turn your fuck-up into a COLD CALL and start probing for what business I DO HANDLE. You know what that gets you? Category 12: Flames Licking The Ceiling, coupled with the tart, brittle response from me: "I'm not going to do your cold-calling research for you, GOODBYE."

Time is money, motherfucker. (I would have enjoyed adding that. But I'm still polite. JUST NOT ON MY BLOG.)
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