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Friday, November 11, 2005

Random Orts....

OK, I have today off. BLESS IT. It was that or I was going to rip a couple people's heads off and take them bowling. Not necessarily in that order, but have no doubt, heads were gonna roll. My boss actually called me an "ass clown"* yesterday to finally break through my angry swearing banter, and it CHEERED ME UP. How many jobs do you get to say THAT in, I ask you????

(*I kid you not, he said, "ass clown": that's a sign of a motherfuckin' good boss, too. He even said it was a good idea, when I stated I was gonna kick a certain individual's ass. Said, "It needs to happen." I know I can't actually go and do it, but the shared sentiment goes a looooong way.)

So today, I give you a smattering of things that made me laugh this week.


From one of my favoritest shows on TV right now, "My Name Is Earl":
"Some people were born to be super pretty, some people were born to be knife throwers."


JWo threw out the smartass question, "What rhymes with purple?"
My snappy comeback? "Orange."


Did you know I'm the Gadget Queen? I love me the gadgets. LOVE them. I always want something new. So I see a T-Mobile commercial (and we're T-Mobile customers), and I state, "I NEED a Sidekick."

JWo, doesn't even look up: "POLLY'S your sidekick!"


JWo: "Don't you have book club tonight?"
Me (exasperated): "NO James, it's not every week! It's every 5-6 weeks."
JWo: "Well. The Evelyn Woods Book Club meets every two days."


So, on the calendar for today: this morning, meet with a woman who cleans houses, and determine if she has the fortitude, strength & dedication to take our house on. It is not dissimilar to becoming a Green Beret, in my opinion. I will be shouting at her like a drill sergeant to see if she flinches. Then I get my hair cut, and I'm currently plotting lunch plans right now. I may take a page from Miss Bekah, and have me some adult beverages tonight! It's that or run around the neighborhood, shrieking like a howler monkey to burn off some steam. Maybe I'll do both.... Happy Friday, everyone!
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