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Friday, November 18, 2005

Be Bewwy, Bewwy, Quiet.....

This hat was a request. Opening weekend of duck season is a day of pranks for my husband - he's thrown out little rubber duckies with the decoys in the past - to joke with his buddies. This year? He put on this hat. It took several consultation conversations, rough drawings, and a search for sew-on googly eyes that eventually I gave up on, and decided instead to epoxy-glue big googly eyes onto threaded buttons. JWo helped pick out the yarn for color accuracy to the mallard duck, and he's even worn the hat in large groups of people at early hours, when they draw numbers for picking order for their blinds. I love that he does this, because people look at him a little funny..... but they're most likely dumbstruck with insane jealousy.

There's no such thing as going too far to get the laughs in our house.
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