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Saturday, November 19, 2005

An Army of One


Recycling, put away! CHECK!
Hat for JWo, knit! CHECK!
Bulbs dug up & put away! CHECK!
Annual pots emptied into compost bin! CHECK!
Tomato and pepper beds, uprooted for compost! CHECK!
Muffler for JWo, knit! ON THE NEEDLES, SIR!
Rosemary dug up for indoor wintering! CAN'T FIND THE SHOVEL, SIR!
Shopping at Target!? Shopping at Costco!? SIR! MUST ADMIT TO NAPPING, SIR!

Who posted guard during nap? GUNNERY SERGEANT POLLY, SIR!

(Gunnery Sergeant Polly can be distracted from duty by treats, I will have you know.)
posted by PlazaJen, 5:33 PM