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Friday, November 18, 2005

Welcome, Weekend....

Holy Toledo. I thought Weekend would never get here. PHEW! Thank goodness for that whole spinning-of-the-earth and the sun and all that jazz that can't be frozen or halted no matter how hard people try!

I have an Agenda for Weekend. It is not Hidden. Those are dreadful and bad and really, life-shortening, if you ask me. My agenda involves shopping for more Organizational Items That Will Change Our Lives Forever, it involves some Serious-Ass Power Knitting, because now I have two pairs of mittens and a hat and a muffler to make by Wednesday (bring on the knitting cocaine! (chocolate + thai food)) and a whooooole bunch of DVR'd shows, plus I now have all of the first season of Nip/Tuck, and nothing says loving yourself & finding inner peace like watching a show featuring people who cut themselves up to improve their lives & appearances!

I also was going to be purchasing an MP3 player, and have concluded that I am Too Old. My purposes are different than you mobile, jogging sorts. I want to organize everything, including my CD's, and I thought an iPod was the answer to my prayers. But, after consulting our IT person, my needs are (shockingly) much more complex and unanswerable with a single gadget. JWo, while he is not here this weekend, wherever he is right now, suddenly looked up and is suddenly feeling Not Surprised. So, I figure I just saved myself about $530, because if you give a mouse an iPod, then she'll want an external hard drive, and if you give a mouse an external hard drive, then she'll want a docking sound system. Give the mouse a docking sound system and then she'll demand a wireless transmitter for the car. Instead, the mouse is getting her big-ass television set. Dammit.

For, dear readers, the garage is worthy. Empty. Ready. The deal which was struck months back has closure. And I wanna start watching "My Name Is Earl" and think that Jason Lee is actually SITTING, life-sized, over to my left. Duuuuuuude!

That is my rock-em, sock-em weekend and I love it. There'll be some cooking, I'll probably get up at 4 a.m. to go to the grocery store (think of it as "training" for the day after Thanksgiving! - insert theme to Rocky -) because I can't imagine what Saturday afternoon's gonna look like at the Price Chopper..... I'd end up committing hari kari in the checkout line using a Twix bar and a soap opera magazine. And that'd be a hell of a way to screw up a perfectly good weekend. Not to mention, a waste of chocolate.
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