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Monday, November 28, 2005

Hit Me!

So, last night, we went to the casino for dinner. They had a great shrimp (and prime rib, but I could give a rip about prime rib) buffet, and we had a yummy time. I don't frequent the casinos much at all, so it's like being in a foreign country for me. We decided to pool some money and play video poker. Of course we lost, and then JWo wanted to play some blackjack, so I idly lost more money in various slot machines in between wandering around and watching him play.

Here is my one succinct observation in a casino. If you walk around and say, "I lost it all!" even though you just mean the $10 you put into the nickel slot machine, people will jerk their heads around and look at you with abject fear in their eyes, fear you can spot clearly through the smoky haze. Because they think you lost your house, your car, your dogs and your mamma. I said "I lost it all!" quite cheerfully, about three times, to JWo, and by the third time, picked up on the fact that what I was saying was akin to shouting "Fire" in the movie theater. This reaction happened with men, women - all races, with the alarmed look and head jerk.

Which made me laugh, of course, because yes, I did not exit a winner, but I do not like to gamble, and once I'm in doing it, of course I'm sure I'm going to hit triple sevens on a progressive slot and get a quarter of a million dollars. But when my credits are done, so am I. I don't keep feeding the machine, for Las Vegas doesn't twinkle and shine because it was built on winners. And I AM A WINNER. If only in my mind. Now, if they had a slot machine that dispensed yarn? (Noro Slots!) I could seriously, seriously find myself putting the house on the line.
(just kidding, JWo!)
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