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Wednesday, December 07, 2005

No Need To Dream, Bing....

We're getting snow. Lots of it. (Well, lots for Kansas City. Panic! Panic! The grocery stores are being raided of all bread and milk as I type.)

I'm about to head out into the driving mecca that is my hometown now, and go through what I endure every year, which is much gritting of the teeth, cursing & fleeting wishes I was back in Minneapolis, where most people know how to drive in the snow, don't overuse their SUV power, and they actually have more than two snowplows for the entire city. You think I exaggerate? I DON'T. Up there, living with snow is a way of life, not an occassional crisis.

On the MN drivers test, you have to identify the flashing lights of a snowplow. Here, it's more like, "pick the ranch house that looks most likely to be a meth lab."
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