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Friday, December 02, 2005

TGIF, Baby!

False Sun

I was randomly taking pictures yesterday, because I was driving, so of course, I should take pictures to document the fact I was up & driving at 7 a.m. (I even took one of the mo-fo who cut me off, hope you saw the FLASH and felt bad, asswipe!). We drove up to Omaha for a new biz visit, convinced our boss & co-worker (male) to go to String of Purls, where they felt uncomfortable (they were only in the store two minutes, you would have thought we were in a adult bookstore, the way they acted), and then hauled ass back home again. Left home in the waning darkness, got back home in full darkness.
Here's Kristin, about to enter the yarn shop:
We Made It!

Big sky & geese on the return trip ....
Big Sky

Geese Near Mound City

And you know how I love using the rearview mirror as a "device" in pictures... our co-worker, driving us home:
RearView Driver

Yesterday was a looong day. I think there are people who love the feel of the road or the earth or the water moving under them - those people become truckers, pilots or sailors. I prefer solid ground beneath my feet, for 6+ hours in a car numbs my butt & when I went to sleep last night, I could still feel the phantom sensation of being in a car. I did, however, get a lot accomplished on the Icehouse Clapotis (THANK YOU to Lyn for the "Electric Blue" song reference) and we had a lot of laughs on the ride. The weekend is nearly upon us, and I'm glad glad glad of that!

I feel a little like tiny Tim (from Scrooge, not the ukelele player) when I wave my coffee cup at you at all and shout, "Happy Friday, Everyone!"
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