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Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Party On, Wayne....

Don't you try and tell me I am boring. I know how to rock it out. I just spent half an hour tonight searching online, comparing pricing & then ordering a part for our humidifier. Because I'm a responsible adult? I also got a new filter. Then? THEN? I played Sudoku online. Because I read somewhere doing different things & working on puzzles is supposed to help stave off Alzheimer's. It's never too early to start worrying about dementia. Especially when your career's in advertising.

There was a time in my life when I fell down a flight of concrete steps & took all the skin off my shins. (Bloody Hell! Didn't break a single dish, though!) My father showed up half an hour later (he was moving me out of my college apartment) and in horror asked, "Don't you have any band-aids?" Huh? Who has band-aids when they're 20? That's a pitcher of beer! Now I have a small plastic crate labeled "First Aid" with various band-aids, including some Hello Kitty bandaids, first aid TAPE and more neosporin than you can shake a stick at. Last year I bought a CANE after my enhanced gymnastics routine. I hung the cane up in the garage this fall and actually thought, "Well, at least I've got that for later."

At this rate, I'm going to have a LifeAlert and the Clapper before I'm 40.
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