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Sunday, December 11, 2005

All Puzzles, Great & Small

So I mentioned my newfound love of the Sudoku, and how I'm certain it's staving off dementia (rationalization for WASTING TIME). I only play the easy level, and have it set up so I can hit "enter" and see how I'm doin', along with the pencil feature so I can jot more than one number in as a placeholder.

If only hooking up all my electronic equipment were so straightforward. If I accomplish a complete, full-hookup by the end of the year, I will pretty much guarantee my senior years will be spent solving crimes ala Murder She Wrote and you will all start calling me "Miss Marple".

For the time has come, the walrus said, to buy my big tv.
And surround sound system, with stereo
and dvd player things.

But wait!
She cried, for there was more
Another DVD player
It must somehow also hook in
To the big electronic pile
Come sit, have a cookie, some coffee
she sighed, for this will take a while.

Take care!
Don't trip!
Speaker wire is everywhere.
The dogs sleep and lick your face.
They really just don't care.

For you are surfing on the floor,
You're lying down with them!
They care not for your stereo feats,
Or what hooks into what
They simply wish you'd give them treats!
This wiring thing is nuts.

And so the process begins again
Fourteen remotes surrounded
I finally got my big tv....
and the theme of the day is "Confounded".
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