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Friday, December 16, 2005

Can't Beat The Wiz!

When I lived in St. Louis, I worked with some people who were from New York, and there's an electronics chain in NY that uses "Can't beat the Wiz!" as their tagline. For whatever reason - laughing, drinking, telling stories, it molded into my own vernacular, and it is absolutely perfect for today's blog.

For today? Is our company holiday lunch. I am looking forward to it, because historically I've had to go to evening galas and freeze my face into a smile of joy, especially the last couple years. Two years ago I drank so much gin, I ordered my girlfriends to flank me at all times so I wouldn't get myself fired for all the bitterness oozing out of me. Good times! Anyway, along with our lunch (and we don't go back to work afterwards, woo-hoo!) we have a White Elephant exchange. And my gift is gonna be a doozy. It's 100% credited to JWo. First off, his grandmother enjoys shopping at thrift stores. I know she's found awesome deals on clothes for our nieces, that's cool, but this summer she found some stuff for us. I am not trying to sound ungrateful, just keep in mind we pretty much want for nothing, and I have just gone through an enormous divesting of possessions, so extra tchotchkes are giving me hives this year. Unless you happen upon some pink milk glass. Say, the punch bowl set? That would make me jump up & down and actually shift one of the layers of the earth below me. I'd bet as far down as the mantle. In any event, one of the gifts was a toilet seat cover & tank cover set. With embroidery and ruffles. James felt we were obligated to put it out; I vetoed him, but said if he felt strongly about it, he could put it on HIS toilet seat in his bathroom. That didn't happen, so it's now going in to the White Elephant present. But the OTHER thing, that makes it so funny, and is 100% credited to JWo (the idea & everything), is that I'm putting a brand-new, factory-sealed DVD of "The Wiz" in the box. James won a backgammon tournament & the agreement was that everyone who played & lost had to send the winner a present - one of the things he got was a copy of "The Wiz".

Can't beat it! Happy Friday, peeps. I'm ready for....lunch!

Update: Kristin just stormed into my office in a frenzy of excitement, because The Wiz is apparently one of her favorite movies & she does not have it on DVD. I was treated to a few bars of "Ease on Down the Road" and some scarecrow dance moves, which left me - how do you say? - dumbstruck. I posted this blog more as a warning to her not to pick my present? And now? She's goin' for it. I guess it's true: The Wiz cannot be beat.
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