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Sunday, December 25, 2005

Merry Sneezes To All & Your Nose, A Good Wipe.

I'm hoping yesterday was the worst of my cold. It felt like someone had packed my sinuses with sand - pretty! I started the morning with a last-minute dash to Target, to pick up a few more gifts for our nieces, and then we were off to Arrowhead, where we watched the Chiefs resoundingly stomp the Chargers, though it's a magical mathematical formula that must happen if we're going to get into the playoffs. After the game, we were off to James' mom's house, where we watched the girls open their gifts, played cards & hung out until around 8:30. By then, I felt like I'd been dipped in tempura batter & tossed in the fry daddy - I was DONE with the day. :)

I had long-ago declared today as a Day of Sleep. I don't know if that's really going to happen, but it was nice not to be awakened by an alarm for the first time in a long time. It's also an Official Day of Laundry - yippee! I can find many, many things to celebrate, given enough time & cold medicine. For all of you (who are even on the computer - I think this is a "slow week" in Blogland), I wish a merry happy day, may your burdens be lifted & may you find joy & happiness in the moment as we have time together & the hustle & bustle pauses - if only for a day.

I'm off to celebrate a Box of Kleenex.
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