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Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Brave New World

I am steeling myself for the next couple of days.... Today will be a major work day, with tons to get done & reassurances made. Tomorrow, I head to the land of Beth and Dooce, because nothing says "long day" like a day trip to Salt Lake City! And yes, I am that fat woman you have to sit by on the plane. Sorry.

I lay in bed last night, my mind racing. I wrote about six blogs in my head (all of them? Brilliant!), and made mental lists of everything I need to do in the next couple of days. Tomorrow, for instance is Unlimited Trash Day in Kansas City. This is huge! I must find & amass all the trash in the house to take advantage of this one-day opportunity! Plus, there's laundry! Prepare for cleaning lady! The lists, they go on and on.

One of my mental blogs was a half-hearted wish for some gigantic machine that dispensed energy (daytime) and sleeping (nighttime) pills, based on the list of needs you gave it. Average workdays - average energy, perhaps you didn't even need a pill. Today? I need one that crams 12 hours of work into 6, gives me plenty of zip & zing, and then the ability to chase it with a pill that gives me a rested night sleep in under 5 hours. So I can get up & travel (pill please, one that shrinks my butt), present to the client, and then travel back home again (inflate butt upon landing, you know, for extra safety), to drive home & collapse. I'm betting I won't need a pill for sleeping on Wednesday night.....
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