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Thursday, December 29, 2005

Jet-Set Jen

Yeah, I am still a little blinky-eyed at yesterday.

5:30 am BAHHN BAHHHN BAHHHN the evil awakening machine summons me from sleep.
7:00 am arrive at office to carpool to airport
8:30 am depart KC in an aluminum sardine can
9:30 am starving, grateful for small chewy granola bar & tomato juice
It was a 2 hr 40 minute flight to Salt Lake City, but they're an hour behind us. I do not do well with the time-travel-calculation-continuum, and if I'm only staying a day, I'm not bothering to figure it out. Upon arrival, we get our rental car & drive in to the client.
Have meeting with client, while silently praying they do not hear my stomach growling. Finally, go have lunch at 2p their time.
After lunch, collect things, go back to car, go back to airport, and do about 1.5 miles of walking between car dropoff, going to the wrong terminal, getting to the right terminal, getting to our gate which is apparently in the Provo zip code. Say aloud, "I am having a drink when I get home!"
4:20 pm (SLC time) Boss buys us a drink.
5:00 pm (SLC time) board identical sardine can
8:15 pm (KC time) touch down, am grateful to have lived, because I had a dramatic (false) preomonition last week that I was going to DIE on this flight. Appreciate the fact that coming home, the same flight is only 1 hr, 50 minutes. God bless the wind.
9:00 pm arrive back at agency to get car, drive home
10:00 pm eat leftover thai food for dinner
11:00 pm COLLAPSE

I did have interesting seatmates, and they were both perfect in that they were inclined to chat & talk during preparation for takeoff & then landing, but not the 2 hours in between, so I could read my book and they could listen to music/work. My boss recounted a seatmate he'd had long ago, who had asked about the book he was reading. And then after my boss had read two pages, the guy said, "So! What's happening now?" Hi, I am going to stab you with my watch and shove you in the trash bag when the flight attendant comes by again.

So today, I feel pretty wiped out, and am so glad I took today & tomorrow off! My cold is almost gone, and I'm going to (hopefully) get some of my projects done this weekend that I've been meaning to get to for some time. I know I'll be watching some movies & knitting - which for me, is an excellent way to ring in the new year. Yes, I've gotten old. er. older. Maybe even wiser!
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