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Sunday, January 08, 2006

LaFonda's Extreme Makeover

I spent three hours yesterday, cleaning out my Honda (LaFonda). It became abundantly clear why having your car detailed costs so much. I armor-all'd every vinyl surface & now I have a reflective glare on the windshield, it's so shiny. (I've wiped it down again.) I vacuumed, put upholstery cleaner on the carpets, vacuumed again, cleaned the windows, took out everything that wasn't necessary, cleaned out the trunk and behold! She's a new car all over again. I then spent the extra cash on the deluxe car wash for her, because after all, she deserved it.

As we were driving to Thai 2000 this afternoon, JWo praised the clean windshield: "It's HiDef Honda!" We stopped at Super Target (it truly is Super. Thanks for asking!) & I bought new car mats, because hard as it was to toss the factory-installed Civic mats, they were grungy. They just represent my negotiation skeelz, because I demanded they throw them in for free (It was an extra $100! For car mats! With embroidered Civic logo! Highway robbery.), but after 4 years, they needed to go. And, after spending three hours of quality time with our shop vac, there was no way I was going to revive them or bring them back to high-level of cleanliness LaFonda deserves. If I'd installed anything new or fancy, we could've called this blog, "Pimp my LaFonda", but that sounds, uh, kinda bad. I prefer "LaFonda: Now in HD".....
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