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Saturday, January 07, 2006

And The Stripes Are Vertical!

I have shown great success this past NFL season (yes, I know it's not over, but it is over for the Chiefs) in developing my ability to comment on the game, and I would like to take this moment to also state that I am an excellent judge of yardage. Might be all the knitting, might be me trying to find one area in which to excel, but I'm good.

So, last week, James was going to bed at 5:00 or something crazy, because he's practicing to be a dairy farmer when he retires (and he gets up at the crack o' dawn for the waterfowl hunting), and I'm standing by his side of the bed, getting more & more wound up talking about something. I end my statement with both arms straight up in the air by my head.

JWo: "So, now that you've shown me the referee's signal for a touchdown, show me what they do when the kick is no good."

I pause. I think. I wave my hands in front of me, crossing wrists.

JWo: "Very good! Now show me holding."

I think again. I know I know it. I give him this:

JWo: "Noooooo. What is that? THIS is holding." and he proceeds to show me, and I immediately go, "Oooooh, yeah, yeah, right."

(Correct Referee Signal:)

We're both laughing, and JWo says again, "What was THAT?" referring, of course to my incorrect signal.

I say, "Oh, it was holding. It was the 'Bein' HELD DOWN BY THE MAN' hand signal."

Needless to say, I'm setting the bar & getting ready for next year. Why, right here, I've discovered a transgression called the Illegal Crackback. How snappy is that? I think that could work in the office. Shut up! I'm not taking your call, I call Illegal Crackback on your ass. I see a lot of potential, integrating all this into daily life. Perhaps Kristin will learn Ref signals, too, and we can handle faux pas in meetings by, say, simply standing up & kicking the back of our foot (to indicate tripping). My problem is, she'll be calling me constantly on the Facemask. I'm grabby like that, and I don't always have good boundaries.
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