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Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Top O' The Mornin' To Ye!

There's a chapter in the yet-unwritten Big Book On Marriage (subtitled: Things Nobody Told You), titled, "In Which You Discover Ways To Bug The Living Shit Out Of Each Other And Still Stay Together."

Fortunately, we don't have a lot of entries in that chapter here, but I managed to stumble on one the other evening. Actually, I think it's only the second line-item. But it's a doozy. For whatever reason, I started speaking to JWo in a rich, rolling Irish brogue. I startled myself with how good it was, because normally all my accents tumble and crash within two minutes into something distantly Australian. (Crikey!) I simply channeled the spirit of a dead Irish priest and spoke to him gently & kindly, asking him what he thought of "24" & Jack Bauer, my child. Then I asked for some good whiskey. I felt like the next Meryl Streep.

Then, JWo started screaming, STOP IT STOP IT!

Hm! A chink in the armor! I shall stow this information away and return to it again, when it will be mooooost useful. MOOOOHAHAHAHAHAHA!

Oh, you probably were wondering what the first item on the Stop Bugging The Crap Out Of Me list was. Well, I also channel a ferocious, wily gopher. It's quite a look for me, and I expect when I'm senile & calling myself Paddy O' Furniture in my golden years, rambling about the Potato Famine and the rolling green hills, I'll still utilize this face to scare the young 'uns & get 'em off my lawn. This one REALLY scares James, and in fact, it scares Kristin, too. I don't bring this face out for many folks, just the ones closest to me.... So consider yourself LUCKY:

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