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Friday, January 20, 2006

Apparently I Dance Like A Wealthy Lesbian

One of my great sources of entertainment is to go through all the available ring tones for my phone on the T-Mobile website & torture James with the threat of them. ("Lonely? I'm Mister Lonely" in a chipmunk vibrato, courtesy of Akon.) Some of them, he does like, and some that he likes, I hate. I like having a fun ringtone, mostly because the ones that came with my phone are crap, and besides, JWo calls me every day when he's headed home, so I need something GOOD, and preferably non-torturous for the people who sit nearby.

Some ringtones make us both cackle, and it's incredibly cheap fun. After all, I buy a new ringtone like, uh, four times a year. My delight is in finding some of the classic songs that not only make me happy but are a completely geeky throwback. For instance, tonight? I happened upon "Caribbean Queen", by Billy Ocean, and I did a very involved, seated, chair dance to it. And that's when JWo said I danced like Ellen.

I'll take it. I'm not taking on Madonna for Dance Dance Gyratelution in a leotard: I don't need to. But I did download "Dance Dance" by Fall Out Boy, so I can feel the frenetic love & excitement every day when school's out.
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