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Friday, January 20, 2006

Chug Boat

Last night, I was talking to my boss before I left, recapping some things & talking about the lunch party I'm co-ordinating for everyone at work. It's an "Office Space" party, we had one at my last job, and it was quite fun: watching the movie "Office Space" over lunch, and we're providing all the movie snacks - popcorn, candy, soda. And with a movie like this one, you also have to have cake! I ordered a big cake from Costco, and it says "Happy Birthday, Milton!" in honor of crazy Milton who didn't get a piece of cake in the movie. Mmmm, cheesecake filling & cream cheese frosting. Kill me now. We'll also have a couple of prizes - one person will win the movie, and the MacDaddy prize is, of course, a red Swingline stapler, complete with Innitek post-it notes.

So my boss goes, "You're becoming a regular Julie McCoy Social Director..." and I am sure it comes as no surprise to you that I have been called that before. I did point out that I'm far from being the only social director here at the agency, and I have actually shown restraint, out of deference to other people's toes.

But the Love Boat reference reminded me of the time in my life when my liver was a magical sponge, and hangovers didn't ruin the entire weekend. Yes, I'm talking about college, and the 3-5 years afterwards. We would play "Chug Boat", with all sorts of drinking rules, and every episode guaranteed to escort you to "Blotto" in an hour or less. We made posters of the rules & collected money for beer. There were Group Drink rules, where everyone watching drinks, including "Captain without a hat!" "Full boat shot!" "Theme Music!" "Sexual Innuendo!" or anytime Isaac the Bartender pointed at the camera. Then, you also picked a character, and every time that person was on screen, you drank. Hardcore players would insist camera angle changes constituted a new shot, and god help you if you were playing with them. Oh, and if you picked the Captain, you had to drink TWICE if he was on-screen and not wearing his hat. I usually picked Gopher, and depending on the episode, Julie McCoy. (You might recall she had a teensy-weensy coke problem and wasn't in all the shows...) I also remember playing to a two-hour Mother's Day special, in which a side bet was established where the person who picked the cast member to follow also would have to do SHOTS if they ended up with the worst mother on the show. The guy whose character had Ethel Merman for his mom was the lucky devil that night....

In any event, today's lunch party will be a little less raucous & a little more frosting-filled. I am ready for the weekend, and as much as I could, I'm not going to come in and work! Ummmmm, yeah. When I said "Saturday", I meant "all day" on Saturday. Mmmm, yeah........ I took the quiz, and the "angry" part made me laugh...


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TGIF, and make sure you get your TPS reports turned in!!!
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